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Dear Yuletide author,

Hello! I’m so glad someone out there loves one of my fandom choices as much as I do! Whatever you decide to write for me, I hope you have fun. :)

Most of my posts here aren’t going to be much help to you, as they’re a) mostly art and b) mostly about Stargate: Atlantis. I do have a delicious account here( ta-da), if you want, but not all of my requested fandoms are referenced there. Generally, things I enjoy are characters interacting, adventures, slice-of-life stories, and lots of humor (in no particular order or combination). I like angst somewhat, but prefer it with a happy ending. For yuletide, I’d rather not have a story that is sex-only; plot please! Also, and this is a weird specific, I know, but considering some of the fandoms I requested it’s somewhat relevant: please, please, please no deaths in bathrooms; no shower, toilet or sink related deaths. It’s a bizarre personal trigger for me: enough said.

Okay, specifics!

For Psych, I love both slash and gen stories. The story can stay entirely G-rated or be filled with sex, I just would prefer a good plot. I love how Shawn butts heads with everyone, and how great they all work together as a team despite the constant conflicts. I love the humor in this show; if you can give me a funny scenario I’ll be happy. Shawn is my favorite; if he’s in character doing something absurd or heroic or brilliant, you’ve got me. I forgot to mention this before, but I have only watched the first two seasons, so I’d prefer if your plot doesn’t hinge on something I haven’t seen.

For Dexter, I like how, for a show about serial killing, it’s surprisingly un-morbid, and sometimes even adorable. I’m more interested in the lighter side of the show, namely, Dexter trying to act like a “real boy”. I like to see him interacting with unsuspecting people, especially when it leads to hilarious or ironic double meanings. And even though I’m up for slash, I’d rather not see Rita-bashing.

For Carnivale, what I already said stands. Anything – gen, het, slash, backstory, what happens after the series cuts off or something else entirely, go for it.

And then there’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Post-movie shenanigans would be great, especially if they’re hilarious. The more implausible/ old-timey noir, the better.

Okay! I hope that’s enough information, whichever fandom you’re writing. Good luck, and have fun. I know I will be. :)
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