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Ahem. Forgot to post when these first went up: suffice to say, [ profile] paintedspires has continued on as a challenge community, and the first one was Halloween-themed. There's some very cool (and terrifying) art up there, so go check it out!

My posts are here: Lab Wolf and Cultural Heritage, Or Why Atlantis Had To Requisition So Much Felt . Much thanks to [ profile] aesc for letting me use some of her Satedan backstory!
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Hey! All the great stories and art from the latest Artword challenge are being posted as I type. This time it was a Round Robin, with 4 people to every story and 4 more working on the accompanying art. It's produced some really great works, go check it out!

The main page of [ profile] artword is here. Stories I participated in as an artist are: Only Can Give (What You Have), Lost In Communication, Just Another Mission Gone Wrong, and Apricity.

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New (and last until they open up the prompts again) post to [ profile] paintedspires! It's here; go check out all the really spectacular submissions!
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[ profile] paintedspires post number 2 over here! Posted slightly later than it should have been, which is, well, frustrating. Unfortunately RL ated me today and yesterday, and will continue to eat me for the rest of the week. Not fun. But back to my original point! Go check out what's happening in [ profile] paintedspires, y'all!
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Posted fanart over at [ profile] paintedspires: over here!

Go and check out all the fantastic submissions posted so far!

day 6

Feb. 6th, 2007 10:58 pm
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Okay, brief summary of PCOS, a condition I'm intimately familiar with )
Now, onto the fic!

Title: Monkey Wrench
Description: fanfic, SGA AU. "On Monday and Wednesdays John sits behind the parts counter. His clothes are always dotted with grease, the strong familiar scent of machine oil following him like the finest cologne."
Rating: PG for language, with UST if you want there to be.Read more... )

14 Valentines: Women's Health.


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